Wedding Decorations – Creating the Wow Factor

Wedding Wow Factors for your wedding theme, decoration, destination, reception, and ceremony.

It is part of the twenty free wedding planning series made available to you by Bridal Expert Angela Fiebelkorn.


  1. Thank you for your suggestion to do something both unexpected and outstanding to get a super WOW factor. My fiance and I are both humorous and we love dancing. So I think that in addition to our wedding decorations we should do something that portrays our personality to our guests, that will allow them to understand us a couple.

  2. I wish you could take questions and actually give specific advise. I have yet to watch a video that actually tells me something i do not know by just searching the internet. very disappointed in them

  3. Hi Anita, We do take questions on our blog in the Ask The Expert column, and yes, we answer specific questions all the time. What kind of information are you looking for? There is SO much information that one can give on any one topic. I often get asked how to decorate a room, but I need to know the size, the wall colour, type of lighting and so many other details to answer properly. Sometimes, in our blog, brides do ask detailed questions, and we love answering those the most because we have details to get into. General questions usually get general answers.

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