Wedding Planning

Visit our Blog or click the links below to get great tips for planning your wedding.  From announcing your engagement to the thank you notes that you will send after the wedding, we have articles sharing ideas and promoting the proper etiquette for the occasion. 

Engagements Did you know that the etiquette involved in announcing your wedding engagement serves the purpose of keeping peace in the family by communicating with family members in a respectful way? 

Ceremony  There are many options for your wedding ceremony—from where you will hold it, to what it will include.  View these articles for great ideas for your special day.

Dress  The wedding dress is the focal point of the wedding for many brides.  With all the choices available to you, these articles will help you make the decisions necessary to achieving that perfect dress for your wedding day.

Flowers  Choosing the right wedding flower is a very important step in your wedding planning.  The flowers sometimes become your wedding theme, and other times, the colour of the flowers will work directly with your wedding theme.  Choosing the right flowers is important because of seaonal pricing and availability, so check out these articles to become better prepared.

Reception  Wedding receptions take the largest part of your wedding budget, and take the most time to plan.  There are many decisions to be made and this link will take you to articles that will help you plan your wedding reception.